Hi! I'm Colin.

I'm a diehard TypeScripter, accidental open-sourcer, MIT/YC alum, and movie buff. I'm currently a Developer Advocate at Oven.

I'm also the creator of Zod, a TypeScript schema validation library, and I wrote the initial version of tRPC, a toolkit for building end-to-end typesafe APIs.



A TypeScript-first schema validation library with static type inference!


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One Pot Pony

Where I present a combinatorial system for preparing diverse and delicious one-pot meals. It's very dumb.

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An electronic medical record software for direct primary care built with TypeScript, React, and Neo4j. YC backed.

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DPC Nation

A patient-centric website designed to educate patients about the direct primary care (DPC) model: a cash-pay, insurance-free membership model growing in popularity among American primary care physicians.

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Hacker News TL;DR Podcast

Colin is a YC-backed founder and open-source developer. Kenny is a human-computer interaction whiz at Apple. Two best friends report daily from the depths of Hacker News.