Hi! I'm Colin.

I'm an engineer, founder, open-sourcer, digital nomad, MIT alum, and movie buff. I like long walks along train tracks and I overuse this emoji.

My latest preneur is designing sexy medical software for direct primary care over at Bagel Health. We're trying to manage demonically complex medical data with even more demonically complex combinations of TypeScript, MobX, and Neo4j. Surprisingly, it isn't going well.

I'm also the creator of Zod, one of the most popular schema validation libraries for TypeScript. It has over 1100 stars and I'm quite proud of it. Check it out on GitHub here.

I'm a huge advocate of direct primary care. If you haven't heard of it, I made a website to teach people about it: https://dpcnation.org.

Unfortunately my entire career in software is just a distraction from my food blog.

Email me about anything at colin@colinhacks.com!

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If you like my scratchings, there's more where that came from. I usually write something about once a month.

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