Hire me

I'm currently open to consulting engagements subject to availability. Email me at colin@colinhacks.com.

I have expert-level experience with modern full-stack Javascript web development, including advanced TypeScript, React, and Node.js. I can advise on API design, scalable state management, and data modelling. If you value type safety, I can advise you on choosing a stack for your product that lets you take full advantage of modern TypeScript.

I created one of the most popular tools for data modelling and validation in the TypeScript ecosystem. Solving problems relating to data modeling, type safety, and complexity management is my specialty. I cut my teeth building an entire electronic medical record as a solo developer over the course of six months. That project involved over 50 database tables and 200 relations between them, so wrangling data model complexity is a problem I'm intimately familiar with.

Front End: React, Redux, MobX/MST, client-side routing, Next.js (and server-side rendered React in general), rich-text editors (Slate, Draft), and type safe form design.

Back End: Node.js, Express, Koa, API design, end-to-end typesafe APIs, typesafe ORMS (TypeORM, Prisma, Sequelize), GraphQL (TypeGraphQL), data validation (Zod, io-ts, yup, superstruct), relational databases (Postgres), NoSQL databases (Mongo), and graph databases (Neo4j).

Ops: I have extensive experience with the core Google Cloud stack — Compute Engine, App Engine, Cloud Functions, Cloud Identity, Cloud SQL, Storage, and Firebase (Authentication, Functions, Realtime Database, Firestore, Hosting, Storage). Moreover I'm familiar with building HIPAA-compliant applications on top of the Google Cloud stack, so if you are in the medical software world, I'm your guy.

Email me at colin@colinhacks.com and we'll set up a call. 🤙